Airmega hero
March 21, 2016

Airmega #Win: Launching into the U.S.

This month, our friends at Coway launched Airmega, a beautifully designed, smart air purifier, into the U.S. market. We’ve been on board to help them prepare, with a branding exercise, e-commerce website creation, and a launch campaign comprising paid, earned, and social outreach.

Credit where credit’s due: Coway has zeroed in on a unique opportunity, offering a smart tech solution for the increasingly health-conscious U.S. market. And we think the data speaks volumes for the promise of things to come…

What makes the Airmega a #win so far?

• 4 product variants

• 31 pieces of press coverage with a reach of 228,283,777

• 9 ways to get free filters

• 750 email subscribers

• 6,292 Facebook fans

It’s all well and good having a great product and a market opportunity, but launching in a new market is challenging. But our work on Airmega so far proves to us that a standout product in a promising market can still benefit from a solid marketing plan, a dynamic and hard-working team, and a client that’s—quite literally—a breath of fresh air :)

For more info on our work with Airmega, check out our full case study.