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September 28, 2016

Alumni: Not Just Former Employees

By Alicia Valko

Staying in touch with former employees is imperative for any law firm. However, cultivating a strong employee network can benefit businesses outside of the legal industry as well. Among the top benefits are:

1. Business Development - as employees leave for in-house roles, they often extend their relationship by becoming loyal clients themselves

2. Networking and Leads - alumni can also open the door to other potential clients in their network through (free) word-of-mouth recommendations or referrals

3. Recruiting - finding top talent is key across any industry, and former employees often refer or recommend higher-quality candidates directly

For Morrison & Foerster (MoFo) in particular, alumni are also a huge source of pride as they count some of the best legal minds among their global family.

MoFo is a long-standing and valued client of Agenda’s. And recently, we were lucky enough to collaborate with MoFo to better engage their distinguished community of alumni.

This summer, MoFo launched their new alumni publication, MoForever. With our help, MoFo redesigned their existing newsletter to celebrate the accomplishments of their esteemed alumni and reflect their commitment to the community.

We helped transform the publication from a simple newsletter to a dynamic and interactive editorial magazine.

Take a look at MoForever and read more about MoFo’s alumni here.