Ces illustration
January 25, 2016

CES 2016 Recap + Tips for Survival

By Rich Lim

CES kicked-off the beginning of 2016, and we were excited to be there with Coway and Samsung. If you missed out on the adventure of CES, read on for a recap of the event from our man on the floor, Rich Lim.

What made CES different this year was the type of products on display. In the past it seemed that the focus was more on the side of innovation—creating something new, solving problems in unique ways, and making life easier. This year, most of the products were focused on evolution—improving upon existing work and enhancing what we already have. There weren’t as many “wow” products, but there were still some surprises, like many of the car companies that came to show off some of their newest technological advances.

Monday was Unveiled, where we spent time with our friends at Codeword, speaking with press about the Airmega. The planning that went into Unveiled was critical to our success at CES, as Codeword helped line up valuable time with press that helped us demonstrate the value of Airmega for consumers.

TIP: Schedule interviews before going to the event. It’s easier than trying to catch the eye of a busy reporter.

Unveiled felt a bit like an “adult science fair,” where everyone was set up in small booths throughout a massive convention space, showing off all of their hard work to passersby and press. Being confined to a little booth can make it hard to stand out, further cementing the importance of making connections with the press before arriving at CES.

On Wednesday, the main show opened, and huge brands filled the Las Vegas Convention Center. Given the sheer size of CES, it can be hard to navigate between both the LVCC and the Sands Expo Center, so it helps to identify people and companies you want to see before arriving at the convention.

TIP: Do your homework. Find out who is going to CES and create a plan for who and what you definitely want to see—it helps maximize your time when you’re not running all over the place.

CES can be a big investment for a company, and deciding whether it is the right place to take your product might seem like a daunting decision, but it doesn’t have to be. People and companies tend to go because their competitors will be there, and they feel like they have to be there too. But without the proper strategy, showing up isn’t enough. If you are in a place where you can put planning and a strategic team behind your presence at CES or a similar event, then it’s worth getting your company out there. Just be sure to properly prepare, set up times with relevant press, and have an understanding of some key people you want to meet with. CES is all about exposure, but you have to work hard to make your presence known.

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