Meet our geek
March 31, 2016

Meet Our Geek: Dave Rodriguez

By Maeve Hickey

We always bring our A game to meetings, and so if you’ve ever sat across a conference table from a group of us, you’ve met seriously “on duty” Agenda. But, without wanting to blow our own trumpet, we’re a pretty diverse and talented bunch “off duty,” too.

We’ve got musicians, athletes, chefs and writers in our midst, and we want to let our geek flag fly. So from now on, once in a while, we’re going to let you meet our geeks.

Without further ado, meet our first victim—er, geek: Interactive Creative Director, David Rodriguez. First things first: If you’ve ever worked with Agenda, you’ll know that it’s almost a prerequisite to be named David to work here. So, to avoid confusion, this David often goes by D-Rod. (Sorry, dude, after 10+ years on the Agenda team, you’re stuck with it!)

D-Rod oversees the design team, produces/directs video content, and is a mean digital designer in his own right. He’s a dab hand at working with editors, illustrators, developers, artists, and motion specialists. When it comes to creative, he’s not just our man, he’s the man.

Behind the scenes he’s an epic snowboarder, a huge Mets fan, and, most importantly, a doting Dad to gorgeous 2-year old Casper. (Bless.) But, all that aside, there’s some truly unexpected D-Rod trivia lurking below the surface. Here’s a glimpse:

“My roommate for a while was Tim Heidecker from the Tim and Eric show”. Ok, that’s pretty cool… keep going…

“Until recently, I was the owner of a pizzeria, Two Boots Pizza, in Jersey City.” He does pizza, too? Are there any limits to this guy’s talents?

“I can also balance 5 or 6 quarters on my elbow”. Mind. Blown. See video (N.b. He is now also very good at picking them up off the floor). 

So now you know. And you’ll probably never look at David Rodriguez in the same way ever again.

Want to know more about some other Agend-ites? Keep your eyes peeled for our next “meet our geek”!