Meet our geek
January 30, 2017

Meet Our Geek: Emily Simmons

By Devon Zanca

Have you ever asked yourself what becomes of softball-slinging ballerinas? Well, we know the answer. They make for kick-ass account directors, and we have one at Agenda: Emily Simmons.

Originally from Massachusetts, Emily has been in New York for seven years and joined Agenda two years ago, coming from a financial services agency. Since joining Agenda, she has worked on high-impact projects both in and outside of the finance world. It helps that she was also, by her own admission, a “cool nerd” back in high school: simultaneously smart, disciplined and accessible. In other words, the perfect account director.

In a great turn of events for all the Agenda Brooklynites, the pirouetting second-basewoman and her (exceptionally lucky) boyfriend recently moved from the Upper East Side to Park Slope, joining many of us across the river. In her new home, she spends lots of time binge-watching Netflix shows (true crime in particular), snuggling with her cats, exploring wine bars, and relaxing with her boyfriend. She’s also a big fan of yoga, and, going back to her dance roots, recently started taking barre classes.

But her favorite pastime, and form of exercise, may in fact be shopping. She’s got a slick new leather coat with a fur-trim hood to prove it. But wait—you’re still stuck on the softball-playing ballerina, aren’t you? It’s like, what else can she do? Well. She can roll her tongue.

I know. It’s more like, what can’t she do?