Meet our geek
May 16, 2016

Meet Our Geek: Rich Lim

By Maeve Hickey

It’s fair to say that Rich Lim is among the most visible Agend-ites, but as part of our effort to help you all get to know us a little better, we thought we’d let you into the not-so-public world of our extremely reliable Group Account Director.

Day-to-day, Rich is responsible for managing a number of Agenda’s client relationships. This requires being an anchor of sorts for our clients, sending lots of emails, and of course, a coffee…or two…or three.

Outside the world of Agenda, Rich was busy house hunting “EVERY weekend,” until recently, when he and his family settled on a new place right outside the city. (Personally, we can’t wait to check it out!) He also spends lots of time playing with his adorable 18-month-old son (pictured in his “Who We Are” image), and carving out time for the regular “guy stuff”, like playing ice hockey and snowboarding.

So what else lies behind Rich’s cool dad demeanor?

“I like winter better than summer,” he says. Yeah, of course, he just has to be different.

And apparently his coffee habit is new, too.

“I didn’t start drinking coffee until two summers ago. (Damn you Dunkin Donuts iced coffees!)”

When he was younger, he was also quite the musician!

“I was the lead singer of a band in seventh grade that only played Ramones songs. When we began playing other songs, everyone quickly realized I couldn’t sing.” Hmm, good thing you’ve stuck to being an account director then, eh, Rich?

He also loves SPAM (and we’re not talking about the email sort) …Our Rich, he’s definitely one of a kind!

“My guilty music pleasure: Bieber, but just the new stuff” We wonder if your band would have been more successful rocking out to Bieber songs? It’s too late now to say sorry, Rich!

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