Month in gifs
May 02, 2016

Month in GIFs

By Maeve Hickey

For the most part of spring 2016, we captured some news-making events in the form of GIFs. So far, 2016 seems to be a big year for even bigger changes. The decision has been set that American currency will see some female faces. Game of Thrones is back in our lives, and so far, we haven’t cried…a lot. Apple is becoming more strategically eco-friendly with how they handle their old phones. And, BONUS: we’ve been doing some new stuff in our office as well. We invite you to take a peek.

Game of Thrones returns

This month we welcomed the return of Game of Thrones…or, more accurately, we cringed at the thought of more bloodshed. Given the whole creative concept behind “killing your darlings,” it’s fascinating how easily GRRM seems to slaughter all of our favorite characters. The real question this season is what the heck is really going on with Jon, and when in the world winter will really arrive…it’s been six seasons, guys.

Game of pinatas hold gif

Harriet Tubman to replace former president Andrew Jackson on the $20

We’re beyond excited for 2020, when we will finally see the faces of some amazing women on American currency! For those who aren’t in the know, Harriet Tubman, along with fellow history-makers such as Lucretia Mott, Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Alice Paul and Susan B. Anthony, will begin gracing our money as a way to celebrate and acknowledge their incredible impact on America through their lives and beyond.

Tubman hold icon

Agenda’s Lunch & Learn

Over the past two months, we have spent a fair amount of time on UX, and it was interesting to hear differing perspectives from our designers and non-designers.  

 pizza hold 1

Discussing topics from different angles helps all of us continue to improve and think differently…while we’re all stuffing our faces with parmersan sandwiches, of course!

Hero nom hold gif

Liam recycles Apple’s old phones

While traversing the country, we also caught wind of Apple’s newest robot, Liam. Naturally this GIF was the first thing that crossed our minds…

 bb liam hold

But in all seriousness, Liam’s job is to dissemble old, non-working iPhones into a bunch of parts in order to recycle and refurbish other phones. This eco-friendly method might lead us to a brighter, cleaner and greener future. We’re pretty excited that such a large company is taking significant steps to reduce waste from their products, and hoping it encourages others to do the same.

There you have it, our springtime summed up in GIFs. Who knows what antics we'll get up to in the coming weeks. You’ll have to wait to find out!