Featured brite conference post
March 31, 2017

Reflections on Brite 2017 from the Agenda Team

The Brite Conference, a branding, innovation, and technology forum held at Columbia University in March, is an annual event that a handful of us look forward to each year. Brite brings together speakers from all over to discuss topics ranging from branding to advertising to cutting-edge technology.

This year we were treated to talks by international companies such as SAP Digital, panels on client-agency relationships, ideas to make healthcare more patient-centered. Then there were the robots. Read on to get Rich, Emily and Steph’s takes on the production.

“Luxury brands are still less willing to release control of digital content (e.g. UGC) to consumers and are slow in the adoption in digital in general,” said Rich, who attended the panel on Building Brand Love. He also enjoyed the one titled The Future of Agency-Client Relationships.

“It’s interesting to hear brands like Squarespace and Boston Beer Co. hire agencies based on previous experiences and don’t rely solely on RFPs. This aligns with Agenda’s value on relationships, and how important relationships are to business development.” Agenda is known for maintaining long-term relationships with clients. Our average client tenure is over seven years.

Carmen Medina was particularly interesting to Steph from a sustainability standpoint, as Steph has a background in sustainability. “In fact, I bought her book, Rebels at Work. I also liked Maryam Banikarim from Hyatt. She was very personable.”

Emily echoed the sentiment around Maryam Banikarim and voiced appreciation of Liza Landsman from Jet.com. “I felt empowered as a boss lady, by all of the boss ladies speaking at Brite. There were great ones on both days,” said Emily.

Based on all the great content, it’s safe to say Agenda will be represented again at Brite next year. We hope to see you there.