Wine winning
May 31, 2016

#Winning With Winefornia

By Devon Zanca

When Winefornia hit the ground running in California over 9 years ago, owner Cecil Park reached out to us for help with her brand new business. Grown from Cecil’s love of experimenting and creating unique blends of wine, Winefornia developed personalized wine blends for a global client base, including luxury hotels and golf tornaments. At the outset, Agenda worked with Cecil to design an elegant website and brand that echoed Winefornia’s persona of discovery and experimentation.

As always, we were delighted to take on an exciting and innovative new project. Even though we imagined ourselves prancing through rustic vineyards and sipping perfectly aged wine as the sun set below the horizon, we quickly remembered there was work to do. Thankfully, we’re used to tight deadlines, new market launches, and wine! 

After nearly a decade of success, Cecil decided to share her passion for customized blends with the rest of world, opening up the Winefornia business to enable wine enthusiasts from around the world to curate their own vineyards. This shift encouraged further brand exploration and a new website look and feel — except this time we were under a tight deadline with Vinexpo Hong Kong, where Cecil hoped to make a big splash, looming just weeks ahead.

We quickly put our heads together and thought through the best way to communicate Winefornia’s unique market offering — your own small vineyard — while remaining authentic to the existing brand. With past experience in new market launches (don’t miss our past #winning about Airmega), we were thrilled to put our skills to the test again for a close friend. In a truncated timeline, we were able to provide Cecil with a refreshed website, collateral for Vinexpo, and new business cards. We wish her the best of luck on her adventure and are looking forward to hearing all about Winefornia’s continued success for years to come.


Now, back to dreaming of an actual Agenda vintage of our very own….