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A New Air Purifier for a New Generation

Coway, a Korean company known for creating health-minded products, approached Agenda to help them to develop and launch a new air purification product brand into the US market. Since air purification is very much an emerging market in the US, and Coway’s product has a high-end positioning, it was important that we helped Coway to develop a brand strategy that delivered a mix of education (around the importance of air quality for consumers), aspiration (in terms of brand positioning) and motivation (to drive e-commerce sales).

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Airmega was unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. To support the launch we: developed the product website, created product visuals including 3D renderings, produced product videos and original photography, developed a PR and content strategy, facilitated event management, established a digital advertising program and put together guidelines to help them to manage the ongoing evolution of the brand.

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We developed the logo and completed work for the chosen product name: Airmega. As this work progressed, we helped Coway to develop their brand strategy further through extensive positioning, visual and messaging explorations. 

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Agenda helped develop a targeted social media strategy that revolved around a "test and learn" approach to get a better understanding of what worked in the marketplace. We also worked with the team at Coway to create a brand voice and develop a content strategy that was educational and relevant, while being sustainable.

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Work continues with Coway as we plan to roll out the e-commerce extensions to the website, the full PR, social and content strategy, and a digital and native advertising program.