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Guardian 2016 Annual Report

We have worked with Guardian on their Annual Report for a number of years, but this year it was time to shake things up a little. The Annual Report is produced in both print and digital formats. Recognizing that people are becoming accustomed to shorter and more immersive online experiences, for the digital version we decided to use mixed media as a way to bring to life the value that Guardian brings to its policyholders: affording them the freedom and confidence to “write their own futures”.

Three very distinct stories make up the narrative part of the report, and each story uses a unique mix of audio, video, scroll-activated animations and other features to allow users to discover the content. The experience lives within the Guardian Life corporate website and encompasses a message from the CEO, key financial information and an overview of the leadership team in addition to the stories.

The print report complements the key digital design elements, providing an elegant summary of the very moving story collections for policyholders to peruse.

Communicating the stories of how people’s lives have been positively influenced by Guardian’s commitments to its customers and communities is a very powerful testament to the company’s offer. We were very proud to be able to bring those stories to life in an inventive and engaging way.

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