Hanwha, one of South Korea’s largest conglomerates, is an international leader across a broad range of businesses including chemicals, aerospace, mechatronics, solar energy, finance, leisure, and construction. After several bold investments and acquisitions, Hanwha was faced with the challenge of telling a unified brand story that would align disparate business units under a single brand identity.

As we thought through the exercise, we came to realize that Hanwha's value to customers and competitive advantage resides in the breadth and depth of its products and services. This realization evoked a narrative based on the idea partnership: partnership that exists internally between Hanwha's diverse businesses units and externally between Hanwha and its customers. 

We then laced the partnership narrative through the editorial construct, typographic motif, and design concept that played out across several forms: a print brochure, a digital brochure, and a summary booklet created specifically for the elite Economic Business Forum in Davos.

Book strip
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Book strip
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