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Imagining an Image Library

We all know Samsung is the king of TVs. So, imagine how excited we were when asked to create an image library of the their latest TV lineup. To make the most of the project, we needed a smart approach that took into account the breadth of consumers who would enjoy them.

At the outset we developed consumer profiles to match the range of TVs. Based on lifestyle, life stage, and other key demographic insights, we imagined a circle of friends and family whose lives regularly intersect. Where they work, where they live, how they know each other, what they like to eat, and so on. These were all considerations for creating each of the scenarios.

From there we were able to build the shot list and storyboards, conduct the location search, cast models, find props, and curate wardrobes. With this attention to detail, we were able to reflect the lives of real consumers and allow them to project themselves into the world we crafted.

Production photos
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