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New Product Launches

When Samsung launches a new product, we help develop assets to elicit excitement and build audience participation. Samsung uses the assets across a myriad of applications, such as advertisements, endorsement campaigns, and visual asset libraries around the world.

To support the launch of its first LED TV, Samsung wanted to leverage a brand ambassador who embodied the core qualities of its revolutionary new television technology: design, innovation and creativity.

Based on this brief, Agenda identified and secured the perfect face of Samsung LED TVs: Yves Behar, a groundbreaking industrial designer who’s best known for his work with clients like Jawbone, Movado and Herman Miller. He became the unofficial spokesperson and was featured in the branded video that Agenda conceived and produced.

As part of this collaboration, Yves and his award-winning industrial design and branding firm, fuseproject, was also commissioned to create an art piece that highlights the beauty, environmental efficiency and magic of LED technology. The result was “Anima Terra,” which is was part of the inaugural show in the Modern Wing of the Chicago Art Institute, and now part of the museum’s permanent collection. 

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Samsung is constantly seeking ways to connect more intimately with consumers, particularly those who set the trends rather than follow them. To help elevate their TV brand and attach it to something beyond the spec sheet, Samsung challenged Agenda to make an impression in big-box stores, without the use of elaborate displays or electronics.

To answer the call, we created VUE Magazine: a free quarterly publication for the retail environment. Covering the impact technology and design have on culture, VUE was designed to be immersive. Conceived, managed, and produced entirely by Agenda, and featuring high-profile subjects, editors, writers, and designers, VUE was the ultimate labor of love.

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