Samsung olympic book 8

Samsung and the Olympics

How do you build a world-beating brand? This 20-year history of Samsung's partnership with the Olympics shows how.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Samsung's partnership with the Olympics, Samsung needed a way to capture and chronicle the strategic vision that generated its radical brand growth. The project challenge was to understand what makes Samsung unique in both the execution and success of the marketing journey that built the sixth most valuable brand in the world. As we dug in, we began to truly understand the symbiotic partnership between Samsung and the Olympic Games.

The key to effectively communicate the historical partnership is, as always, to know your audience. In this case VIPs, Samsung executives, International Olympic Committee (IOC) officials and other internal stakeholders. In understanding this rarified audience, we knew we needed to create something that would be engaging, impactful and authoritative.

To capture and communicate the untold brand history, Agenda partnered with Samsung and the IOC to create an authoritative and visually-driven chronicle for this insider audience. The resulting 300-page print book comprehensively investigates and documents the unique 20-year partnership and is currently being gifted to select VIPs and internal business executives.